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Siding Replacement

Fortified Roofing & Siding never leaves a customer in the dark. We’ll guide you, educate you, and include you during every step of our siding installation and repair processes. Plus, we have customized home siding packages to fit virtually any budget. Fortified offers home siding Columbia can rely on.

At Fortified Roofing and Siding of Columbia, MO, our goal is to earn Mid-Missouri’s trust. We plan to do this through exceptional service and a relentless work ethic, while holding true to our core values. Our commitment to you is to do everything we can to protect the people you care about beneath your roof.  Throughout every step of the way, you are included and educated. Because believe that an informed consumer is a protected consumer. That is why our slogan is “Protecting the people beneath the roof”. We believe that our job is not about the roof; instead it is about serving the people that live under them.

As a family owned company, we believe in protecting the ones you love; that is why every siding product we offer has been vetted personally by our owner, Larry Herzing. He has met and interviewed with manufacturers to ensure our siding products are durable, high-quality materials, and Fortified offers the best warranty protections in the industry. Rest assured, we will never install a product that we don’t believe in. Every siding product we install will handle the harsh elements of the area. Our goal is do a job once and to do it right.

Home siding options from Fortified Roofing & Siding.


Whether you’re a homeowner faced with an urgent need for new siding, or if you plan on replacing your siding later, we want to help. Below, you’ll find the top reasons you might need your siding replaced.

Your home has mildew, fungus, or mold

You are experiencing high heating bills

Siding has rotted

Siding is severely cracked or loose

Siding is warped or buckling

You are experiencing high cooling bills

Internal paint is stained or peeling

Internal wallpaper is loose or peeling


Siding is the outer wall and the first line of defense of your home. We want to build a fortified barrier to protect your home from the wrath of Mother Nature. That’s why Fortified Roofing and Siding also specializes in top quality residential and commercial siding replacement. We work with the highest-quality products to fortify your home from severe weather. Fortified Roofing and Siding uses our comprehensive siding exam to assess the protection your siding offers, and evaluate the state of your siding. 

We have designed a comprehensive siding exam that we will administer to assess the state of your siding. We’ll inspect your siding using our easy-yet-thorough checklist for identifying common home siding problems and signs of damage. We’ll even take pictures and measurements for future reference. After the initial assessment of your siding, your Sales Associate will create customized siding service packages that are tailored for your specific needs. Call Fortified Roofing and Siding for home siding Columbia, MO can rely on.

Customized Packages

Beautiful home siding options from Fortified Roofing and Siding

Fortified Gold

Our top level home siding package is called Fortified Gold, and will protect your home against even the most extreme weather. This package uses James Hardie siding, widely recognized as the industry leader in home siding and protection. James Hardie is the only brand of siding to offer a variety of styles, making it a homeowners dream. Customize your dream home with James Hardie home siding to combine beauty and strength.  With this fiber cement siding you wont have to worry about pests, moisture, rotting or severe storms. It can handle it all. To learn more about James Hardie benefits click here. 


Our base level package is Shield, which will protect your home against strong weather at low cost. This package uses Royal Building Products. This is a strong vinyl siding option for those homeowners who are determined to have vinyl. This vinyl siding is designed to be hail resistant, it will hold up better than the typical siding on the market.

You can be sure that all custom packages will adequately protect you and your home.

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