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Wind is a common perpetrator in shingle damage; it can happen during severe storm or even on a sunny day. High winds cause shingles to blow of the roof deck leaving an avenue for water to leak into your home. Some wind damage can be hard to detect because the shingles are still in place but the water shedding seal is broken. This also leads to problems like leaks.

Not all shingles are alike and a major problem in the roofing industry is homeowner not being educated. Some shingle have very low resistance to wind while others (like the ones we install) can handle up to 130 mph. It is important to choose the right shingle for your home and your budget.

Signs of wind damage

  • Missing shingles 
  • Thin horizontal lines where granules have been worn off
  • Loose or missing flashing

If you witness any of these problems on your home, you may need wind or storm damage repair.

How Wind Damages Affects Your Roof

Creased shingle that was caused be severe wing damage

Every wind storm is different but the affects on your home are always the same. High pressure winds can cause damage all around the roof but it usually begins at the corners and perimeter of the roof. Wind put the most stress on the outside edges of the roof.

If any roofing material is a little loose, wind will get below it and push it out. This is the start of your problem, the wind has more to grab during the next storm thus creating a chain of peeling effect. This is the point where homeowners start to see other problems from leaks to blown off shingles. It’s also the point where homeowners need wind and storm damage repair.

Missing, Loose and Deteriorated Shingle in Columbia Missouri
Missing, Loose and Deteriorated Shingle in Columbia Missouri
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