Roof Inspection

Fortified Roofing & Siding of Columbia, MO offers honest, accurate roofing inspection services in the greater Kansas City area.
With 17+ years experience in storm damage repair and replacement, Fortified offers a professional roof inspection Columbia can trust.

All roofs deteriorate over time, which is why roof inspections are crucial to make sure your roof is structurally sound. Most homeowners call us out when they are preparing to sell their home or have been exposed to severe weather. We also get calls to inspect failing roofs. In these cases homeowners tell us the problem and we go on a mission to resolve it. Our inspections are detail oriented; we take a careful look at every home we visit so we can provide you thorough roof inspection to identify any problem areas that need repaired or replaced.

Specialized Inspections

  • Hail damage
  • Wind damage
  • Fallen debris
  • Leak investigation
  • Improper installation
  • Age inspection
  • Manufacture defects inspection

THorough and Honest Inspection

If you need a roof inspection call Fortified.  Fortified Roofing & Siding of Columbia, MO uses experience and expertise to provide complete inspections with an honest assessment and answer any question you may have.  When inspecting any roof, we do a complete analysis to make sure every aspect of your roof is looked at.  Our inspection checks for the following:

Wood rot or sagging areas

Missing, broken, or torn shingles

Venting in the attic

Rotted or torn rubber boots around pipes

Curling shingles

Rusted or missing flashing

Cracked shingles

Improper Installation

Cracks in chimney or missing caps

Improper gutters 

Uneven roof planes

Worn away shingle granules and bald spots

Moss or algae growth

Impact damage due to extreme weather

What is included in a Fortified Roofing Inspection?

Our comprehensive roof inspection provides you with an in-depth analysis of the current state of your home.   With our inspections we go on a “Fact Finding Mission” to find any problem areas or find the cause of any issue you are currently having.  We then develop a plan to remedy any issue you are having.  Our inspection includes:

  • Extensive inspection
  • Written report upon request
  • Follow-up with condition of the home
  • Recommendation with a repair proposal if needed

When our inspection is completed you will notified about the condition of your home and what repairs, if any, are need.

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