Fortified Roofing: Founded on Integrity

Fortified Roofing and Siding was born when Larry Herzing parted ways with his previous roofing company. While talking with his family, he realized that he wanted to start a construction company that was both trustworthy and always protected the customer. During the formation of the company, Larry realized he didn’t want to be just another roofing and siding company. He envisioned a company built on integrity with a driving motivation of taking care of the customer as though they were family. This became the inspiration behind our name: the products and services sold at Fortified Roofing & Siding are further strengthened by our guaranteed quality of service, with even more protection offered with our warranty options. Your service is Fortified with our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Team Fortified ribbon cutting

Larry also had a vision of building a company that would last well beyond his working career; that is when his daughter, Megan, became his successor. She will be working alongside him for the next several years in order to learn everything he has to teach. When the time comes for her to take over the reins, the core values that Larry has instilled will remain the foundation of the company. Our team is committed to the ideals and ethics that constitute our framework.

Shortly after, we found our location on Falling Leaf Lane which became our home. Our team worked for over a week cleaning, painting and picking out furniture to make it the perfect location. After we opened our doors, we began introducing Columbia to Fortified Roofing & Siding.

Honest, Reliable Roofing Services

Larry Herzing’s roofing roots were planted in 1999 when he sold his first job in Columbia, MO. Over the course of his first months of his new career, he became the best Sales Associate at the company. It was then he realized that what drove him was a passion for meeting new people, and walking customers through the entirety of the project. In 2001, Columbia had a major storm hit, and Larry saw first-hand the devastating effects the hail and wind had on the local community. This gave him the desire to gain more knowledge in order to help the homeowner, so he began learning the insurance side of the industry. After spending 2 years in Columbia, Larry decided to travel with other roofers as a “storm chaser”. He traveled to Nebraska, Wyoming, and Wisconsin, and gained extensive knowledge about hail damage.

Throughout this time, Larry became aware of the unethical practices and tricks that “stormers” use to prey upon homeowners after a storm. In 2004, Larry left the storming life and was asked to join the Catastrophic Adjuster Team in Florida during the hurricane season, where he was trained and became an expert in damage assessments. After being separated from his family for so long, Larry decided on working locally. He spent the next 5 years working to build his reputation and ethical practices. After spending his career working for others and under their values, Larry wanted to start his own company that focused on his beliefs. So in 2009, when Larry was asked to become partner in a local business, he accepted. Over the next 7 years, insurance adjusters, insurance agents, and real estate agents often called upon him because of his vast knowledge and accurate assessments. In 2016, Larry and his former business partner decided to go their separate ways due to different visions and paths for the company.